PinPoint Golf


Is this system difficult to set up?
You can read the details in the “Tutorials” section which explains the system fully, or you can click on the “Order now” button and the system guides you through the information required – it should take no longer than 2 minutes.
My Greenkeeping team are very busy – is it time consuming?
Using the phone App and pacing the green takes around one minute per green when done in line with changing the flag. It’s less time than it takes to change a coloured flag using a three coloured (front, middle, back) flag system.
Can I set pins in advance?
Yes, you’re working off the phones in built calendar so you can set pins for any day of the year – you can also load historical pins or pin sets such as ‘wet weather pins’ ‘Easterly wind pins’ or ‘Club Championship pins’.
We often cut our holes in the morning and don’t finish until we already have golfers on the course.
You can set the pins in advance. You can then provide the pre-printed card of pin placements to the Greenkeeping staff.
Can I print onto standard A4 paper?
Yes there are no restrictions on how you print – we can supply you with branded cards with your Club logo on one side and blank reverse. This card is a micro perforated card to make it easy to separate or you can simply print on your own paper supply. For a printed card price, please contact
What if I only change my pins once a week?
Then you only set PinPoint up once a week. The position will roll over into the next day and will not change until you change it.
What if I only choose to use PinPoint for my big events and corporate days?
You can. The App will tell the golfer when the pins were last updated. This is a tool that allows you the flexibility to offer your golfers pin positions – you control how often you choose to do that.
Our Club does not allow golfers to use mobile phones on the course.
The App is free to golfers – so if you don’t wish to let them use it because of your Club policy then this is the Clubs choice. You always have the option to supply them a printed card instead.
Will any golfer be able to access our Clubs pin positions?
Any golfer who downloads the PinPoint Golfers App will have full access to all subscriber’s pin positions. It will be no use to them unless they are playing your course – there is also a contact page for your club on the PinPoint Golfers App where golfers can access your website, and use your email address or telephone number to contact you for visitor information.
What if I have 9 or 27 holes?
The system is set up to cope with any hole combination and is priced accordingly
How much is the App to download?
Free of charge.
What devices can the Apps be used on?
The Apps are available for both iOS and Android devices: The iOS version is available for devices running iOS5 or later: * You can download the Golfer’s App here * You can download the Greenkeeper’s App here The Android version is available for devices running 2.3.3 or later: * You can download the Golfer’s App here * You can download the Greenkeeper’s App here.
If I have any problems who do I contact?
Please submit your questions via email to