PinPoint Golf

Course Guides & Scorecards

Look and feel special with bespoke course guides designed to your specific requirements. All created from exceptional aerial imagery combined with course measurements and carried out by golf experts using the latest technology.

Course Guides

From the front cover onward, a course guide should create an immediate desire to play your course. It should not only provide accurate and informative course data for the golfer, but add marketing value by showcasing your club, especially to those enquiring about membership or corporate/society golf. A PinPoint Golf course guide provides:

  • Bespoke design based on your specific requirements

  • Exceptional aerial imagery with 100% accurate yardages from visible features

  • Course visits and guide reviews as standard on a reprint

  • Course measurements carried out by two golf experts using the latest technology

  • Course photography of each hole either from the club archive or taken by our team

  • No minimum order, selection of payment terms, and a higher R.R.P. means more margin for you.

Maximise the Scorecard Opportunity

At PinPoint Golf we design your scorecards to be one of your most effective marketing tools. They should:

  • Look and feel special, and be designed as part of your club’s branded collateral

  • Be based on a full and 100% accurate course measurement

  • Be tailored to include advertising, speed of play guides, local rules and/or handicap conversion charts.