Everyone – prospective members, society organisers, casual golfers – visits your website first to see what you have to offer. With the YouTube and iPhone generation of golfers increasing daily, the moving image is now the key to keeping your website genuinely interesting and your visitor engaged, not going elsewhere.

The most popular pages on a golf club’s website are those about the course, so maximise your viewers’ attention by providing them with the most exciting way to see your course – a very high resolution PinPoint Golf fly-over. Used by the companies televising the Majors, just imagine what one could do for your club’s website – and then imagine e-mailing the link or sending enquiries a CD.

Key features, voice-overs and apps

We can overlay graphics to show the par, distance and any key features of a hole. We can get a familiar golf celebrity voice to bring your fly-over to life, or you can use a voice associated with the club. As well as DVD and website formats, PinPoint Golf can produce fly-over apps for smart phones.

Turn flat plans into a 3D ‘reality’

For golf course Architects and Developers, PinPoint Golf can build a photo-realistic fly-over based on the architectural drawings. Turning a green field site into a fully graded and shaped golf course that looks ready to play is much easier to market and sell.